Keeping The Oigara’s Vision Burning

Keeping The Oigara’s Vision Burning

The Oigara community foundation is gradually getting enthusiasm from associates attracted by fruitfullness determination of Oigara family members.

“My dad always supported girls’ education, he used alternative methods to reprimand them instead of the use of a cane” recalls Dr James Oigara, a professor in Canisious college in the United States.

He describes his late father as an ardent believer in hard work. He recalls sitting for timed tests during the weekends, which his father marked and graded. He attributes this discipline to his academic excellence.

“Hard work helped us, both my parents were teachers and very disciplined.” He fondly remembers them as very supportive parents people whose calling went beyond their duty call, “they were committed Christians who worked beyond their career” he recalls his mum, an early childhood education (ECD) teacher who was committed to educating young children and encouraging them to keep good hygiene.

He observed that the school had made great efforts towards to development and hoped the teachers and community would embrace initiative and take advantage of the Oigara foundation good will.

“We are not doing this for the spotlight rather to help” James observed in a calm demeanor in an exclusive interview.

For him it is  giving back to community gesture as he recalls that his parents supported him raise funds during his departure to the US.

His humble analogy he observes, “my personal experiences is that  it is possible for one to rise grass to grace”

He further observes that the Christian values imparted in him through his parents have made him the man he is today. They have been the  benchmark of his decisions and  have been his guiding principles even when far away in another continent  where  there is wide  freedom of choices. He further reiterated that discipline is key to success.

“Our desire  is to build a  learning  institution named after Oigara community foundation,” he said in his closing remarks.

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