Global Mission Health Conference – GMHC

Global Mission Health Conference – GMHC

This year the foundation was humbled to participate in the global mission’s health conference which was held at All Saints Cathedral on the 6th to 8th September 2018.

GMHC – Africa conference gathers together like-minded and mission-minded individuals and organizations for three days of inspiration, learning and networking. Life in Abundance hosts this conference in partnership with a number of local and global Christian organizations and churches. GMHC-Africa is the leading conference on wholistic community development and health missions in Africa which targets community development workers, medical and health related professionals, churches, para church organizations and missions’ agencies in Africa.

The theme this year was Pursuing Wholistic Impact.

This presented among others an opportunity for the foundation to learn and advocate its activities in pursuing wholistic impact.

There were various plenary speakers, seminars and workshops. Among the Plenary speakers was Arch Bishop Benjamin Nzimbi.

The three-day event was divided into five thematic tracks:

 1. The Church and Social Change

2. Medical Practice as Ministry

3. Role of the Church in Economic Empowerment

4. Best Practices in Missions, and

5. Emerging Mission Opportunities.

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