Dr. James Oigara Visit

Dr. James Oigara Visit

After 9 years, since his last visit, the family awaited eagerly for the home coming of Dr James Oigara from the United States. He was expected to arrive on the 31st of May 2014, accompanied by two of his professor colleagues from Canisius University in Buffalo, USA.

On their arrival, the guests received  astounding welcome, in rural Kenyan style.   Local Kenyan and Ekegusii beats filled the reception as family and friends  danced to  Kayamba Song,”Bwabokire Obwanchani”( Let us celebrate the family love).The joyous reception of the home coming ceremony  refreshed the visitors  after a long travel of 650 kilometers (406.25 miles)from Mwanza in Tanzania, to the Nyansiongo  in Nyamira County.

After a delicious traditional meal, Dr. James and his colleagues were invited for a reception at  the Oigara foundation Centre conference hall. Mr. Michael Bosire, a family elder  presented gifts to Dr James and the guests, courtesy of the Oigara Family. James and Tim  were dressed in   Maasai blankets, which is a symbol of leadership.  Rita received a Maasai handbag or ekiondo, which is a symbol for safe keeping for family resources.

Dr James also received a plaque made of Kisii soap stone, inscribed “in recognition of your  academic excellence”, while Tim and Rita received plaques “for friendship and collaboration with the Oigara Foundation”.

In his homecoming address, Dr James expressed his appreciation for the great family reception he had received with his friends. He also informed the family on the plans for Canisius University to bring students to Oigara foundation centre and collaborate with local schools towards expanding /and exchanging learning in education, culture and religion. This is part of a wider plan which the university plans to establish in East Africa.

“Many people have a different view of what Africa looks like. And coming here with my friends enables them to understand learning environment in the African rural set-up.” said Dr .James.

Dr. Tim  said that he was pleased to see a family  that is able to work  together to celebrate  their successes such as putting up this foundation centre. “Next  year, our students will greatly benefit, perhaps more than anywhere else they will go, by coming here to learn.”He added. Dr. Rita thanked the family for their reception and hospitality .She was a grateful to have the opportunity to fellowship with Dr James’s extended family and to share in their vision.

In her welcome address, Dr.Joyce commended her brother , Dr James for coming home with his colleagues and now friends to Oigara Family.  She appreciated the proposal from Dr Tim and Canisius College for willing to collaborate with Oigara community foundation on education programme. Moreover, she informed the meeting that the Oigara community foundation was launched three years earlier on this very ground, to foster education within this community. “The origin of this foundation was inspired by our parents and their value in education. It is therefore in their honour, to keep the dream alive.  ” said Dr Joyce Oigara.

“We can see that the legacy we have from our parents is education, and not just to Oigara family alone but to other members of extended families.”She said. Dr. Joyce urged all family and friends to come together in support of the foundation. She concluded with a quote,” Lets celebrate our victories,” with a toast, among members of the family and friends.

Dr Joyce took the occasion to launch  Oigara community foundation  official website,  it can be accessed on  www.oigaracommfound.org

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