Despite the government’s efforts to jump start the economy during the current coronavirus crisis, unemployment continues to rise to unprecedented levels. Hence, university graduates entering the saturated labour market are unable to get anticipated jobs.

It is against this background that some of the graduates are considering entrepreneurship  as an option to paid employment. To become self employed, they need to consider the following business and related factors:


Starts with Business idea

Market availability

Business finance

Business skills & Personal Qualities

Course Instructors

Dr. Joyce Dr. Joyce Instructor
Shadrack Shadrack Author
Mr. Samson Mr. Samson Instructor

 Dr Joyce Oigara is a Public Health expert, Technical Health Advisor in Health Sector for National Health Systems.  Dr Oigara has been Director for Disease control programme in national health systems.  Dr Oigara holds a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (MBChB) and Masters in Public Health (MPH) and from the University of Nairobi (UoN), and Certificate in International Applied Epidemiology, from Emory University, Atlanta/USA, and a Postgraduate diploma in strategic management and leadership of the University of Liverpool, UK.

Shadrack is a sales leader, who has gained leadership position through training and managing teams in different capacities. He started off as a sales executive back in 2007 selling heavy commercial vehicles and has worked in different industries since then including insurance, telecommunications, fin-tech, software, media and energy sectors. He is a market maker having built 5 markets within Africa in the fin-tech industry, managed national teams in supporting channel sales management for B2B and support marketing activities for B2C while working for a media company. He is interested in working with an international sales company that is keen in leveraging on his training and management skills.

Mr Samson Osero, Facilitator and HRD Consultant

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