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Women Leadership Training 2023

Women Leadership Training 2023

This training builds the capacity of women groups (known as “chamas’’) to transform existing small-scale businesses  to profitable ventures. We also intend to initiate new venture ideas to expand business opportunity through programs and activities relating to women’s entrepreneurship and economic empowerment. New chamas are enrolled into an ongoing business leadership, financial literacy training of trainers and mentorship Programme.


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ABC’s of Leadership

ABC’s of Leadership

OCF Kenya  and Amazing You (AY )- USA are community organisations working together to equip youths through Training in Career Empowerment and Leadership.

Towards this training programme a guide book on leadership has been developed, “ABC’s of Leadership by Effua McGowan”. The book is relevant for at all levels of leadership including the youth. The book describes,

“….A leader is someone who influences change , no matter how small , who creates an environment  where others  can realise their potential…”

This book is now available through OCF at a cost of KES 1,500. The proceeds will go towards training. To get your copy call OCF at +254792758764 or 0727 714 948 or Email:

We also welcome donations for the training programme.Use MPESA paybill number 4048519: Account Number: put your full name.  Thank you for your support.

Global Mission Health Conference – GMHC

Global Mission Health Conference – GMHC

This year the foundation was humbled to participate in the global mission’s health conference which was held at All Saints Cathedral on the 6th to 8th September 2018.

GMHC – Africa conference gathers together like-minded and mission-minded individuals and organizations for three days of inspiration, learning and networking. Life in Abundance hosts this conference in partnership with a number of local and global Christian organizations and churches. GMHC-Africa is the leading conference on wholistic community development and health missions in Africa which targets community development workers, medical and health related professionals, churches, para church organizations and missions’ agencies in Africa.

The theme this year was Pursuing Wholistic Impact.

This presented among others an opportunity for the foundation to learn and advocate its activities in pursuing wholistic impact.

There were various plenary speakers, seminars and workshops. Among the Plenary speakers was Arch Bishop Benjamin Nzimbi.

The three-day event was divided into five thematic tracks:

 1. The Church and Social Change

2. Medical Practice as Ministry

3. Role of the Church in Economic Empowerment

4. Best Practices in Missions, and

5. Emerging Mission Opportunities.



Story by

Abby Bosibori

Climate change and variability is currently an incentive of global concern. It is identified as a change in weather patterns that occurs within the atmosphere that attribute directly or indirectly to human activity. Climate change refers to long term changes as calculated over many years, while climate variability refers to temporary or yearly variations in climatic changes (rainfall, sunshine and temperature) above or below long term mean changes.

Agriculture is one of the main sources of livelihoods for smallholder farmers in rural communities.  Yet, smallholder’s farmers face more challenges that affect agricultural productivity such as poor infrastructure, poverty, and lack of information. The knowledge of farmers therefore, is important for enhancing their adaptive capacity either through long-term observations and interaction with the environment, which is transferred from generation to generation.

Observations have identified that farmers’ knowledge and perceptions to climate change,   influences their adaptation strategies, reduces food insecurity and improves their ability to develop resilience. Therefore, knowledge and perceptions provide insight on which individuals structure human-environment interactions.

Towards identifying the level of awareness of climate change within Nyansiongo Sub County in Nyamira, William and Dinah Oigara community Foundation in 2017 supported a survey to establish local knowledge, perception and response to climate change among small scale farm holders. The principal investigator is a final student in Environmental studies from University of Nairobi who collaborated with the community resource persons and socio-economic groups to contribute into the survey. Key respondents included small holding farmers in three villages, of Nyansune, Riensune and Tindereti.

The survey identified that majority of farmers had awareness of effects of climate change which included prolonged dry periods, reduced rainfall and increasing temperatures. This was associated with poor crop production or crop failure.  Introduction of high water intake Eucalyptus trees along river beds and wetlands has eminently caused reduction of water systems like rivers, springs and ponds.

Farmers have adopted measures to cope with climate change, using social economic groups such as farm management practices and diversification of livelihoods. Communities are now reaching out for support from government and partners to support farmers in adopting diversification for sustainable agricultural practices.

As a result of the research a few suggestions are made to reduce the effects of climate change thus;

  1. Replace of Eucalyptus trees with indigenous trees along river catchment areas to enhance water availability and to preserve water catchment areas and systems.
  2. Improve awareness of farmers on sustainable methods of farming and enhance production. These include information on crop rotation and mixed farming and diversification. These will provide preventive measures and adaptation on climate change.
  3. Involvement of stakeholders and community in water conservation projects example afforestation, making water reservoirs, and drilling boreholes.


Investigator: Abby Bosibori, Onsongo

Appreciation to: William and Dinah Oigara community Foundation

Free Medical Camps at Tindereti Primary School

Free Medical Camps at Tindereti Primary School

For over a decade, hundreds of residents near Igena Itambe Health Centre in Nyamira County-Kenya, waited for the completion of the health facility so that it could benefit them. Located over 300km West of the capital Nairobi, patients suffered additional pain when they walked long distances to get treatment in other health facilities.

In October 2017, they were all smiles when the facility officially opened its doors for them. In their numbers, residents turned up to witness the launching ceremony officiated by the then Education Cabinet Secretary Dr Fred Matiang’i (now in charge of Interior).

“It has been a long wait,” an elderly man was overheard saying as Dr Matiang’i cut the ribbon at the height of the ceremony.

Remarkably, over 800 people  benefited from a free medical camp organized by various government ,  non-governmental organizations and private sector.

The Oigara Community Foundation Director, Dr Joyce Oigara who was among the organizers of the medical camps said the turn-up surpassed their expectations.

“From the big number that turned up, it was evident that the medical camp was a success and locals needed such services to alleviate supplement the heath sector efforts,” Dr Oigara said.

During the camp, those who turned up were screened for various ailments like diabetes, high blood pressure, breast and cervical cancer.

“Our team of medics was able to examine and provide both advise and medicines  to thousands hundreds of their clients,” Dr Oigara said.

The Oigara Community Foundation had partnered with various sectors including Health, Environment and Natural Resources and Agriculture and Livestock ministries. Other Key partners who supported the camps included the Agricultural Sector Development Support Program (ASDSP), Kisii University, Enroll Consultants, Maraba Investments International, Green Firm Solutions, Selgell International Consultants and ICRSD, a Non Governmental Organization.

Apart from offering health services, the partnership assisted residents with abundant knowledge in agriculture and issued them with various seedlings.

“We provided them with seedlings of avocados and bananas as well as soya beans,” Ms Vicky Onderi who contested for the Women Representative seat in Kisii County during the 2017 general elections said. Ms Onderi noted that the exercise would benefit residents form both two counties of Kisii and Nyamira .

She said that for the community to succeed, women and the youth who make the bulk of the population must be economically empowered and be healthy.

Enroll Consultants’ Jared Nyandoro said time was ripe for Kenyans to engage in little politics and more development if the country is to strengthen its economy.

Over twenty similar medical camps were held in various constituencies in Nyamira and Kisii including at Tindereti in Borabu constituency, the home constituency for Oigara foundation where 300 people were screened and treated for various illnesses.

“We all need to support the President (Uhuru Kenyatta) to deliver his pledges to Kenyans,” Nyandoro said.

Health is among President Kenyatta’s four priority areas during his second term in office after he was re-elected into office in 2017.



Franklyn Mong’are Otwori is a beneficiary of Tindereti primary school Annual academic Award 2016.

Franklyn Mong’are Otwori is a beneficiary of Tindereti primary school Annual academic Award 2016.

Were it not for the William and Dinah Oigara Community Foundation, Franklyn Mong’are Otwori would not be in his dream school today.

Otwori sat for KCPE in 2016 at Tindereti Primary School and posted impressive marks of 382 which earned him a vacancy at the prestigious Nyambaria High School, the only National School in Nyamira County.

For starters, Nyambaria has been an education power house in Nyamira and beyond, producing excellent boys who have gone ahead to pursue competitive careers at universities in Kenya and abroad.

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Oigara Community Foundation provides hygiene towels to Tindereti Primary School

Oigara Community Foundation provides hygiene towels to Tindereti Primary School

William and Dinah Oigara Foundation was  at a function in Tindereti Primary School in Gesima Settlement Scheme Nyamira County   to give  back to the School community. In  November 2015,the Foundation was hosted at the school in support the girl child education in the school. In her donation  remarks, the director of the foundation  Dr Joyce Oigara who was represented by  Judith Oigara  highlighted the essence of this support.

The Oigara foundation is glad  to support  the girls with sanitary towels.  This donation  will contribute to  needed hygiene environment for the girls towards academic excellence.

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Frank Otwori settles down at Nyambaria Boys High School

Frank Otwori settles down at Nyambaria Boys High School

For Franklin Otwori, joining the prestigious Nyambaria School is the best thing that ever happened to his life.

Otwori who comes from a humble background joined the academic powerhouse late February, 2017, after his plight was brought to the attention of the William &Dinah Oigara Community Foundation.

The foundation went beyond its initial objectives and offered to give Otwori a four year scholarship at Nyambaria after he obtained 382 marks out of the possible 500 from Tindereti Primary School.

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Message from the Director

Message from the Director

When I look back on my childhood, I am filled with a sense of family and community working together towards a common good. The values based on Faith, family, history and protection of principles that bring change and growth through education are deeply rooted in my heart. My siblings and I were raised by parents who were professional teachers and farmers.

Thus we were introduced to discipline right from an early age. We were nurtured into a family of a profound spiritual faith and a deep belief that education was the gateway to opportunities. We therefore recognize the importance of family, hard work, and education as basic foundation to improvement.


Yet, one of the utmost values my father and mother imparted in my heart is the virtue of giving. My parents taught in us the understanding that, giving is not necessarily based on surplus resources available at one’s disposal. However, giving is based on one’s heart, what you have at hand, your time, your talent, materials and any other resource, to make a difference in someone else’s life.

It is in this spirit of giving that my parents gave generously to educate not only their own children, but so many other children from the extended family, including those from their neighborhood. Their contribution made a difference in the lives of these individuals who received their unconditional generosity.

To honor our parents’ vision for education, my siblings and I have established William and Dinah Oigara Community Foundation (OCF). The Foundation, aims to nurture young talent through supporting education for children in the local community.

We have launched an Annual Academic Award project in Tindereti primary to support achievers pursue high school. Towards this, the foundation is equipping the school library with books and materials to encourage a reading culture. The foundation has also initiated a collaboration project, between Canisius college in the US and Tindereti primary. This collaboration will support on-site training visits, reading books and sports equipment The school is a key reference point to the family.

I hope that as you read more about the Oigara community foundation (OCF) you will be inspired to reach out and nurture a child’s talent to make a difference. I believe that this will motivate you to partner with us through service, donating, and share information to support our efforts.

I look forward to communicating, and working with you as we desire to make a positive impact in the community.

“A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed”.

“Real joy comes not from ease or riches or from the praise of men, but from doing something worthwhile.” ~Wilfred Grenfell

Reviving the lost glory for Tendereti primary school

Reviving the lost glory for Tendereti primary school

 Family Train Their Attention and Resources Back Home As Away of Thanking Community For According Them Solid Foundation In Their Educational Sojourn.

For the last three years, Tindereti Primary School in Borabu Sub County, Nyamira County has immensely benefited from a family of former, boys and girls to improve performance.

The brothers and sisters operating under the auspices of William and Dinah Oigara Community Foundation, named after their late parents have ensured the school that was once and academic giant gets back to its years of shining in national examinations.

It was song and dance when the sponsors visited the school early this month to monitor its progress and mentor the learners.

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