Academic Award Launch

Academic Award Launch

Decision by Oigara Family Members to sponsor the award informed by declining performance in national examination at their former primary school, of Tindereti DEB primary school in Nyansiongo.

Concerned by declining performance at the former primary school,  members of William and Dinah Oigara  family launched an academic award to motivate candidates perform better to access opportunities in the furthering their education.

Starting the year 2011, Standard eight candidates sitting their Kenya Certificate of Primary Education at Tindereti DEP Primary School in Borabu District, Nyamira County will benefit from the sponsorship courtesy of William and Dinah Oigara Community Foundation.

Dubbed the Tinderet Primary Annual Academic Award, the project will see pioneer beneficiaries who score 350 marks out of a possible 500 and above starting the year (2011) KCPE take home Sh5, 000 in cash prize.

The family foundation donated books for the school library and supported tree planning as part of promised to sponsor and environmental conservation project at the institution

In her speech, Dr Joyce Oigara, the coordinator of the family project reiterated that the foundation was contributing to a felt need in the community and school that shaped their formative years in education.

Oigara family vision is laid in education for development envisages bringing back to society our contribution towards academic improvement,” Dr. Oigara told candidates, parents and teachers when she launched the inaugural award at the school.

In her motivational speech to the pupils, Dr Oigara narrated to the learners that she has made it in the academic world despite having passed through the humble school saying: “I was raised and taught in this very school but that did not stop me from excelling in my studies.”

“Our late father was very strict for those who deviated from the line of education…excellence was his other name,” recalled the medical doctor who is pursuing her PHD.

This explains why they came together Oigara’s family to launch a foundation in honor of their late parents and to continue in support of the vision.

Keeping the dream alive

“We want our parents’ dream of fostering academic excellence to remain alive,” posed the medic in reference to the academic award.

Through the foundation, the project proponents raise funds with their friends, relatives and well-wishers assist the less fortunate in society including education and health care.

“Not that we have anything to boast of ourselves, But it is by the Grace of God. Our parents put us in the line of faith where they taught us that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom,” she offered.

Borrowing from biblical teachings, Dr Oigara advised the pupils to dedicate their lives by putting God first, saying that was the only way to succeed in their studies and endeavors in life.

Through the award, the Oigara’s want to instill hope in the pupils so that they make their academic sojourns materialize.

Motivating the learners, Mr. Nyamweya Oigara urged them to work hard and keep their dreams going.

“It does not matter where you are schooling, at least you have a chance to prove your ability to the world,” Mr. Nyamweya said while encouraging the candidates.

A word of advice to the candidates from Miss Nyambati “In addition to working hard, you need also to work smart.”

The family foundation donated books for the school library and supported tree planning as part of environmental conservation project at the institution.

On his part, Moses said for the pupils to excel in their studies they needed to have a purpose, strategy and action plan.

He pointed out that poor performance was routed in indiscipline by pupils due to negligence by parents.

“Parents should be free to discipline wrong doing children wherever they find them like it used to be in past,” he proposed.

Pastor Omete who gave spiritual nourishment to the learners, hailed the initiative by the Oigara family saying it was very important to the school fraternity especially the upper classes.

Dr Oigara said the plan was to make the award an annual event in the school’s calendar.

School head teacher, Mr. Fideris Onduso was full of praise for the Oigara family for the gesture and appealed to other well-wishers to emulate them in assisting the school achieve its objective of moldings responsible citizens.

And thanking the Oigara family for encouraging the candidates, school chairman Rodgers Ocharo said it was a rare gesture since not many remembered home once they ventured and excelled in the outside world. The Oigara family has shown example that many ought   to emulate.

In support of the award, the pupils, parents and teachers promised to work extra hard to improve and post good results at the school where William Oigara was once head teacher and his wife Dinah also taught in the same institution.

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