Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision


Nurturing talents through knowledge, skills and services to empower individuals and communities for development


William and Dinah Oigara Community Based Foundation herein also referred to as the “Oigara’s Community Foundation”, is a foundation whose Mission is to promote access to education and health among the disadvantaged members of the community.


Our values are entrenched in the following three pillars

  • Profound faith in God
  • Deep belief in education as the foundation and as a gateway of opportunities
  • Recognizing the importance of love and support for family

The objectives of  Oigara’s Community Foundation are:

  1. To support the vulnerable and disadvantaged members of the community to access education by reducing the barriers to acquiring school fees.
  2. To foster networking and awareness amongst targeted communities.
  3. To do all things incidental or conducive to the realization of any or all the aims and objectives.