William & Dinah Oigara Community Foundation is a community based Organization (CBO) whose mission is focus on nurturing talents through promoting knowledge, skills and projects to empower individuals and communities for development. The foundation launched an annual Academic Award project duped the Tindereti Annual academic Award which aims at reviving education standards in the school. The initial beneficiaries received Awards in March 2017 which marked a key milestone for the school.


  1.  Women empowerment
  2. Youth Empowerment
  3. Health Camps
  4. Environment

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Director2When I look back on my childhood, I am filled with a sense of family and community working together towards a common good. The values based on Faith, family, history and protection of principles that bring change and growth through education are deeply rooted in my heart. My siblings and I were raised by parents who were professional teachers and farmers.

Thus we were introduced to discipline right from an early age. We were nurtured into a family of a profound spiritual faith and a deep belief that education was the gateway to opportunities. We therefore recognize the importance of family, hard work, and education as basic foundation to improvement.

Yet, one of the utmost values my father and mother imparted in my heart is the virtue of giving. My parents taught in us the understanding that, giving is not necessarily based on surplus resources available at one’s disposal.


 However, giving is based on one’s heart, what you have at hand, your time, your talent, materials and any other resource, to make a difference in someone else’s life